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What is pulieco and why buy it

The new line of pulieco laundry cleaning products originates from Alberti Angelo srl’s constant ecological policy which aims to reduce, as far as possible to the state of the art, the impact on the environment and on the persons who clean fabric garments.

We feel the need to inform you that, in spite of how much one can reduce the parameters that contribute to environmental impact assessment, to date nobody can claim laundry cleaning products and technologies that are spared these problems. Therefore, when speaking about ecological laundry cleaning products we mean products and techniques that have a significantly lower level of impact on the environment and on laundry personnel.

In this context the pulieco line, Alberti Angelo srl’s result of continuous costly research and testing in the chemical field, is made up of ingredients of vegetable origin from renewable sources. This very natural composition also significantly reduces the problem of cleaning residues that remain on garments even after cleaning and finishing, for the benefit of fabric garment users.

Keeping in mind the future technological evolution, Alberti Angelo srl, which constantly invests in research, plans on producing products that, having the same cleaning power, will be more and more natural and ecological for the benefit of all and mainly the people working in laundries. You laundry users will always be informed about the news of this specific sector.

It goes without saying that these types of products, due to their peculiarities, have a slightly higher cost than other products, a price increase that is highly balanced by the benefits in terms of protection of the environment and personnel.


pulieco line



Concentrated professional detergent for the protection and care of all types of fabric, including delicate ones. Its regular use preserves elasticity and gives new softness to the fibers. Contains SURFACTANTS OF VEGETABLE ORIGIN and is quickly and completely biodegradable.

  • Without parabens
  • Without laureth & sles
  • Without edta, phosphates & GMOs
  • Without dyes
  • Without ethoxylates

fabric softener

Professional softener for all types of fabrics, it leaves the laundry soft and with a delicate floral scent. Contains raw materials of vegetable origin from renewable sources. Removes detergent residues and neutralizes bad smells. Recommended doses: 10 to 15 grams per kg of dry goods



GREEN REMOV enzyme is a professional pre-treatment agent for stains of all kinds before washing in water. Its formulation, based on ENZYMES and VEGETABLE SURFACTANTS does not damage fabrics and colors. How to use: spray it on the stain to be treated, allow it to react a few minutes and then wash it in water. For garments with delicate colors, it is advisable to first try it on a hidden area.


softener plus

Super professional softener for all types of fabrics; in addition to surfactants of vegetable origin, it contains a newly formulated polymer that increases the wetting effect while maintaining the original softness. Intended for terry towels, you can also treat goose down duvets and garments. Increases the scent’s persistence, makes the formulation more stable and reduces the risk of gelification. Recommended doses: 10 to 15 grams per kg of dry goods