TECHNICAL SUPPORT is one of the most important factors for our Company.

Laundry operators, even if experts and with all their professionalism, cannot absolutely be left alone with their increasing problems also due to the continuous sophistication of garments due both to fashion and new types of stains caused by new chemical products added to food, drinks and, in any case, in things capable of staining.

For any problem encountered in their daily work, our customers can contact our technicians directly.

Concerning problems already encountered, the modus operandi will be reported to the customer and/or he/she will be advised on which technical sheet to download from our website.

+39 051 797820

It goes without saying that each new solution will subsequently be disseminated to all our other customers so that it may become a common heritage of the big Alberti Angelo family.
In conclusion, all Alberti Angelo srl customers, whether Italian or international, are continually followed by our Technical Operators and have at their disposal the laboratory of the research and development sector for every new problem so that each and every customer can always be reassured any time during his/her business day.