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The evolution of laundry cleaning techniques

Thanks to ongoing research and testing, Alberti Angelo srl, leader in this field for several decades, offers the most advanced cleaning and finishing techniques of garments, which consist of different washing cycles, depending on the type of garments and their relating problems. These techniques feature innovative and gentle products and systems, specifically developed and tested in all respects to solve each and every washing, cleaning and finishing case, guaranteeing truly extraordinary results.

It is with this perspective and, essentially, thanks to its direct and constant relationship with its customers that Alberti Angelo srl has always focused on the specific domestic and international market of cleaning, dyeing and maintenance of garments and complementary items, made of fabric, leather, fur and the like

This is the path that has led us and will always lead us to success

This Company, created about 50 years ago by the chemist Alberti Angelo who passed away in December 2015. With premises such as these, backed up by the human factor and our operators’ utmost courtesy towards our customers, the Company and its new CEO, Silvia Badiali, along with its staff of chemists, plan on shortly achieving.


Continuous relationship with laundry operators to transmit to them not only the various cleaning systems and solutions for any type of problem but also all the dynamics that come into play in the cleaning of garments in which chemical products, however innovative, play a fundamental but not exhaustive role.

Take a look at our website to take advantage of our many support and training services that will never leave you alone with the various problems posed by this specific sector and also to be continually updated.

In the “products” section we feature all the washing/cleaning techniques and the state-of-the-art chemical products that you will need to carry out your cleaning and finishing work in the best way and problem-free.

They are divided by types of garments, specific problems and types of washing. First off, concerning the fabric garments, subclasses of particular garments have already been highlighted and that require specific and/or additional technologies compared to those already offered in the mother class (fabric garments),


We respect the planet and its inhabitants What is PULIECO and why buy it

The new line of pulieco laundry cleaning products originates from Alberti Angelo srl’s constant ecological policy which aims to reduce, as far as possible to the state of the art, the impact on the environment and on the persons who clean fabric garments.

In addition to its washing/cleaning technologies, the company also offers a whole range of accessories commonly used in all laundries.

These accessories have been selected among the best items, with an excellent quality/price ratio. Also in this case we decided to group them into homogeneous classes according to their use in the laundry room to help the customer when taking a look.


One of Alberti Angelo srl’s top features is its PROFESSIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL.

The SCHOOL, in operation for about 30 years, was born from the need to transmit the concepts that are the basis of the washing/cleaning and maintenance of the various types of garments, in order to provide the laundry business with the important characteristic of professionalism it demands. The endless sophistication of garments.


As summarized above between the lines, continuous technical support is one of the Company’s most important factors.

Laundry operators, even if experts and with all their professionalism, cannot absolutely be left alone with their increasing problems also due to the evolution of fashion and fabrics.

In addition to the training school, ALBERTI ANGELO srl gas always given priority to uninterrupted human contact with its customers.

Due to the fact that there are so many cleaning and finishing problems, triggered both by the evolution of fashion and by situations that may generate stains on clothing and complementary items, Alberti Angelo srl has created a special research and development department.

Obviously, ongoing technological and chemical evolution allows the processing of highly performing formulations that are able to keep up with the aforementioned problems.

Another factor that requires a constant commitment to research and development is that of the “environmental impact” to which Alberti Angelo srl has given and keeps giving crucial importance, managing to obtain products that are always in line with the current environmental protection regulations.

The impact on the environment, as well as on the personnel involved in the cleaning and finishing of garments, is a problem common to all companies supplying specific products both for dry and wet cleaning and for finishing products.

Alberti Angelo srl has posed this problem since its inception, managing to reduce environmental impact to truly exceptional limits, making sure its products always comply with environmental protection standards. The company keeps performing continuous research and testing to further reduce these limits.

Given that these problems are not only to be attributed to product suppliers but also to the high sophistication of garments due to the fashion evolution, it is desirable that both parties work together to reduce these issues as much as possible.

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