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For a cleaner world

The impact on the environment and personnel involved in the cleaning and finishing of garments at the laundry is a common problem for all companies supplying specific products both for dry and wet cleaning and for finishing products.
Alberti Angelo srl has posed this problem ever since its inception, managing to reduce impact to truly exceptional limits, making sure its products always comply with environmental protection standards.
The company constantly performs research and testing to further reduce these limits.
Given that these problems are not only to be attributed to product suppliers but also to the high sophistication of garments due to the evolution of fashion, it is desirable that both parties work together to reduce these issues as much as possible.
In any case, in the specific field of cleaning/washing, dyeing and maintenance of fabric, leather, fur garments and the like, we must be honest and say that as far as we can reduce the parameters that contribute to environmental impact assessment, to date nobody can claim laundry cleaning products and technologies that are spared these problems.
As such, when speaking about ecological products for laundries, we mean products and techniques that have a minimum level of environmental impact that each supplier attempts to offer.
With this in mind, ALBERTI ANGELO s.r.l. CAN SAY WITH CERTAINTY THAT ITS PRODUCTS AND TECHNIQUES HAVE A VERY LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT FACTOR, with respect to the competition, for the most part even below that laid down by the regulations in force.
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